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Christa West is a Home Birth Midwife who has served the South Florida area since 2011. She strongly believes that the education and wellness support that a midwife provides is something that every woman should have access to. This leads to better birth outcomes and an empowered experience. 

There are many common complaints of pregnancy that people experience during their pregnancy and don’t know how to manage them. This wellness box can help!

MamaSprout was created so that people can experience the knowledge that a midwife has to offer and support of supplements and wellness products to help them through these common discomforts. Alleviating these complaints can help you to have a more enjoyable pregnancy. 

Your MamaSprout box willl also give you wellness supplements & tips to help set your body and baby up for a healthful pregnancy and birth.

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Knowledge is power! Understanding what’s going on with your body during pregnancy is crucial. Our midwife will provide you with important information pertaining to your pregnancy such as:

  • Supplements and products to address any common complaints of pregnancy
  • How to assist your body to function at its highest potential 
  • Diet and exercise tips
  • Pregnancy wellness products
  • Relaxation, meditation and affirmations
  • Proper weight gain expectations 
  • What to expect in the coming months
  • How your body changes in pregnancy
  • What to expect during labor and birth 
  • How to prepare for a natural birth
  • Immediate postpartum support supplements 
  • Postpartum education tips
  • Breastfeeding tips
  • And More

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