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I was so lucky to have Christa as my midwife throughout my pregnancy and birth. I was blown away by her knowledge and expertise.

What impressed me most about Christa was her commitment to educating and empowering me throughout the prenatal process. She provided me with an abundance of information on everything from nutrition and exercise to stress management and self-care. Her guidance and advice gave me the confidence and tools I needed to prepare for a healthy and successful pregnancy.

Each and every time I had any discomfort during pregnancy, Christa always had a solution that worked magic! She suggested an amazing lotion for my muscle and joint soreness which was a game-changer for me during those uncomfortable and sleepless nights. Even after pregnancy, Christa continued to help me and my baby with safe and natural remedies for anything that came up with us. 

I cannot recommend Christa enough! Her knowledge, support, and recommendations have been invaluable to me, and I am grateful for the positive impact she has had on my health and well-being.

Jessica L

Being a first time mom and seeking natural and holistic guidance, I am so thrilled to have had Christa’s expertise. She is extremely knowledgeable about, well really, all things pregnancy but especially helped me with what supplements to take, pros and cons as far as different options during pregnancy and decisions for our baby boy, modalities during pregnancy, therapeutic remedies, and really everything in between. I felt extremely reassured, confident, supported, encouraged, and educated under her care. I always felt comfortable asking questions, seeking advice, and I felt listened to and understood. I highly recommend Christa to anybody who is looking for the guidance I received and the exceptional care our family has received. Thank you Christa! The best of the best.

Amanda F.

I have been incredibly blessed to have Christa as my midwife for my last 4 pregnancies! Her vast experience has armed her with a wealth of knowledge to help me feel healthy and comfortable through each pregnancy and postpartum journey. I especially appreciate her knowledge when it comes to choosing the best natural and organic supplements to support my pregnancy and my babies. Her recommendations have been a game changer for me, and I love being able to pass down those recommendations to other moms in my life. No matter what question or challenge I am faced with during pregnancy and postpartum, Christa has always come through for me with the best organic and natural solutions. I cannot thank her enough for supporting my family and I!

Meg Liz Owoc